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a pacifist, a feminist, a humanist.

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First After South Beach

26” x 26”

Anna Bergin

new painting no title yet

About the Orchid
Anna Bergin
36”x 36”

oil, latex, charcoal, pastel

Struggle Still, 36”w x 30”h
oil, pastel, charcoal, latex, ashes

mixed in with the paint: my tears. Just kidding!
This was a real pain though. Weighs about a ton because of the battle that ensued.

"Floating Through"

26”w x 30”h

Mixed: oil, latex, charcoal, pencil, ash

"In the Weeds"

28”w x 32”h

mixed: oil, pencil, charcoal on canvas

small Work

ditto my last post on this new little one


Working on some small works for a new section of the website. combo #drawing & #painting

I decided to leave this painting alone.   I like the tin ceiling feeling, or something like that.


oil, latex

Anna Bergin

View From the Window (with an environmental factor)


mixed, charcoal, oil, graphite, ink

Anna Bergin

View From the Window (birch tree)


mixed medium, oil, latex, pen, ink, graphite on canvas

Fixed what I wanted to with the background.  

that’s about it for that so that’s that then there’s that

drawing in hot pink


30”w x 24”h

mixed media on canvas

I liked this in the daylight so I’m going to keep it as is.


mixed media on canvas

…we will see where this is at when it dries…  

"View From the Window 2 (fragile)"

16x20” mixed media on canvas

Anna Bergin

(I forgot to post the finished picture of this one so here it is.  It includes a dizzy pen drawing that I love.)