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work in and out of process. the music loved, images and artists' works that inspire.

a pacifist, a feminist, a humanist.

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Apparently I’m now on Suicide Cactus watch

new work, Anna Bergin


Play date, chicken addition

Baseball season again, but more importantly time for cracker jacks!

Paintings have arrived in Berlin.  More details to come soon.


Anna Bergin

Struggle Still, 2014

30” h x 36” w

mixed media on canvas

Small works #painting

Working on a new commission and this is what I mean when I say I don’t start with a plan! #painting #art

New really little guys, fun! #painting

Good to have a buddy when you’ve been sick for weeks

Today softening #painting


Boiling Blackberries in Liquid Nitrogen

Photo: Noah Kalina - 23 April 2013 
For: Tutti Fruitti Book / Bompas and Parr

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Play dates in Beacon are always interesting. Today I learned about Yerba Mate